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Women’s Budget?

Many of the policies implicit or explicit in this fiscal statement have implications that are unfavourable to most women.

Wages of neoliberalism

The Economic Survey’s response to the problems of the Indian economy is “structural reforms”, which translate into reducing the fiscal deficit by shrinking “wasteful and distortionary” subsidies.

Editorial: No respite from the crisis

Cover Story
THE much-touted “India growth story”, which always had a downside to it, has been unravelling for some time. After rapid growth of gross domestic ...

Bad economics, worse politics

The UPA government's last full Budget before the next general election reflects its unthinking adherence to a kind of ideology that makes no economic or political sense.

Enriching study

Historical perspectives on the aesthetic expressions and visual culture of the Jainas.

At the Triveni sangam

Arts & Culture
Maha Kumbh

The mother of all melas

Arts & Culture
The Kumbh Mela at Prayag, hosting the largest gathering of human beings on the planet, is as fabulous a spectacle as can be.

Asymptomatic malaria in West Bengal

Science & Technology
SCIENTISTS of the Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine, in association with the Department of Health and Family Welfare of the Government of West ...

Low radiation risk in Fukushima

Science & Technology
AN international team assembled by the World Health Organisation (WHO) looked at a number of communities in Fukushima prefecture and estimated their ...
The Maldives

In a mess in Male

India is caught unawares as former Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed takes refuge in the Indian High Commission in Male.

White dwarfs

Science & Technology
THE fate of a star after its nuclear fuel burns out depends on the mass it was born with. Stars with a lot of mass become neutron stars or black ...

Devaluation and growth

An in-depth examination of the effect of devaluation of currency on exports, trade and economic growth.
Maha Kumbh

Immersed in faith

Arts & Culture
I HAD always wanted to visit the Kumbh, not out of any religious fervour but for the sheer magnitude of the event and the photo ops it afforded. And I ...

Crisis of the Indian Bar

The defence lawyer is as integral to the judicial process as the judge and the prosecuting lawyer; to prevent legal representation for a person accused of a heinous crime is to subvert the judicial system itself.

Season of discontent

JOHN CHERIAN World Affairs
Two years after the “Arab Spring” revolutions, political turmoil and uncertainty prevail in Tunisia and Libya.

Simmering discontent

General Issues
BE it politicians, farmers’ bodies or irrigation experts, people from across the spectrum in Karnataka feel that the February 19 decision of the Union ...

Surge of hope

HAROON HABIB in Dhaka World Affairs
A mass uprising in Dhaka sees the young generation swearing by a democratic society where religion is a private pursuit.
IIPM controversy

Cyber crackdown

The blocking of a large number of URLs containing allegedly defamatory content against the IIPM raises concerns about the frequent use of interim injunctions to curb free speech on the Internet.
Tripura elections

Invincible Left

The CPI(M)-led Left Front wins power in Tripura for the fifth consecutive time by an overwhelming majority.

Women’s Budget?

Many of the policies implicit or explicit in this fiscal statement have implications that are unfavourable to most women.

‘Fiscal discipline will keep us going’

Interview with Vijaya Kanth, Financial Commissioner, Indian Railways.

Mixed bag

Pawan Kumar Bansal’s Railway Budget hopes to make long-term gains through short-term pains. But to meet the Railways’ growth projections, the economy has to revive, too.
Labour Issues

Strike option

The Nation
THE two-day countrywide general strike called by 11 trade unions from February 20 was unprecedented in independent India. Never before had trade ...
Migrant labour

The other half

A new study focusses on the explosive growth of domestic migrant labour in Kerala and says the situation is bound to throw up serious social problems and tensions of various kinds.
Defence scam

Flying into fog

The probe into the AgustaWestland helicopter scam by a Joint Parliamentary Committee seems all set to follow the path of the other defence deal probes.
Cauvery waters dispute

Sigh of relief

T.S. SUBRAMANIAN General Issues
The 30-year-long dispute between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu over the sharing of the Cauvery waters comes to a formal closure with the Centre gazetting the Final Order of the tribunal.

Tamil Nadu: A case for curbs on acid sale

The Nation
ON February 24, Vidya, 21, became the second acid attack victim to die in a fortnight in Tamil Nadu; a man whose advances she had spurned threw acid ...

U.N. Report: Neglecting the elders

The Nation
THE elderly in India number around 90 million, over 30 million of whom live alone. Over 56 per cent of those who live with their families reported ...

West Bengal: Bandh supporters face attacks

The Nation
A PANCHAYAT official in West Bengal had to pay too heavy a price for not attending office on the first day of the two-day nation-wide strike called by ...

Karnataka: ‘Ambedkar’ to be moved

The Nation
FINALLY, after more than three years of wrangling, a statue of B.R. Ambedkar will be temporarily shifted from the premises of the Vidhana Soudha. Of ...
UID project

Dispelling the haze

That the lawmakers of the country have found themselves in a haze of incomprehension about the UID project, which is being promoted as a “game changer”, is deeply unsettling.

Correa’s hat-trick

JOHN CHERIAN World Affairs
Rafael Correa gets a sweeping mandate for a third consecutive term in the presidential and parliamentary elections in Ecuador.

Earth’s new radiation belt

Science & Technology
NASA’S Van Allen Probes mission has discovered a previously unknown third radiation belt around the earth, revealing the existence of unexpected ...

Looking beyond Chandrasekhar

R. RAMACHANDRAN Science & Technology
A new finding provides the theoretical basis for the existence of progenitor white dwarfs that can breach the Chandrasekhar limit.

Black hole spins super fast

Science & Technology
THE formation of supermassive black holes is believed to give clues to the formation of a galaxy itself since a fraction of all the matter drawn into ...

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