The spectre of Hindutva (January 28, 2022)


Book review

Book Review: Irwin Allan Sealy's 'Asoca: A Sutra' portrays Emperor Ashoka as a doubting Buddhist

The writer paints a portrait of Emperor Ashoka as a man who first questions and even resists the creed he eventually embraces.
Cover Story

The spectre of an ideological state

Rakesh Batabyal Cover Story
The proponents of Hindutva seek to replace India’s secular nationalism, which evolved through the freedom movement, with their version of Hindu cultural nationalism. With the state under their control now, they have unleashed a spate of violence against groups that are different, recalcitrant or do not want to abide by an attempted and forced assimilation to a monolithic construct.

Omicron cases fuelling the surge in India’s third COVID-19 wave

However reluctant the government may be to admit to the fact, it is clear from the data that not only is India in the midst of the third wave but that it had begun in significant parts of the country in the first half of December. The latest surge suggests that this may not be the last one unless the government shapes policies accordingly.
COVER STORY: Hate Conclave

Hate conclaves targeting minorities

Ziya Us Salam Cover Story
Hate speeches by men seen until recently as “fringe elements” cause outrage but do not draw any firm reaction from either the government or the mainstream political parties in the opposition.
COVER STORY: PM's 'Security Breach'

The Sangh Parivar’s sympathy mantra

The Sangh Parivar’s famililar tactic of communal polarisation does not seem to be yielding the expected dividends in the run-up to the 2022 Assembly elections, forcing the ruling dispensation to harp on the ‘security breach’ involving the Prime Minister’s convoy in Punjab and resort to sympathy-mongering.

Stalemate on Speaker election in Maharashtra

Lyla Bavadam Politics
The stalled election for the post of Speaker in Maharashtra again exposes bad blood between the Governor and the State government.
Missionaries of Charity

Sisters, brothers & a good Samaritan

Prafulla Das Cover Story
The future of several homes run by the Missionaries of Charity in Odisha was suddenly in question after the organisation’s Foreign Contribution ...
Karnataka 'anti-conversion Bill'

Karnataka Legislative Assembly passes anti-conversion Bill amid criticism

Karnataka’s Lower House passes the Protection of Right to Freedom of Religion Bill, but critics say the BJP government is using conversion as a ruse to push through the regressive legislation.

Kashmir up for grabs

Anando Bhakto The Nation
A real estate summit organised by the government in Srinagar is projected as a major turning point that will change the economic dynamics of the Union Territory but local politicians are sceptical.
Missionaries of Charity

Weaponising FCRA: Controversy surrounds govt refusal to renew licence of Missionaries of Charity

Divya Trivedi Cover Story
The controversy over the FCRA funds licence for the Missionaries of Charity is widely seen as part of the government’s attempt to muzzle NGOs working among the downtrodden, especially those run by Christians.
Book Review

Book Review: 'Hampi' by Pierre-Sylvain Filliozat and Vasundhara Kavali-Filliozat is more than a coffee-table book on the Vijayanagar Empire

At first glance the book may seem like a coffee-table book because of its lavish photographs, but the Filliozats’ text is valuable as it explores political, social and religious aspects of the Vijayanagar Empire through an elaborate examination of its architecture.
Interview: Sunny Jacob

Sunny Jacob: ‘Prejudice or vendetta’

Ziya Us Salam Cover Story
Interview with Sunny Jacob, member of the International Jesuit Education Commission.

PM-CARES ‘not subject to scrutiny’

Anupama Katakam Cover Story
IN March 2020, soon after the coronavirus disease began to spread in India, the Government of India created the Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance ...

A Chancellor and a politician: Crisis brews in Kerala's universities

R. Krishnakumar The Nation
Governor Arif Mohammed Khan alleges political interference in universities in Kerala, declares he will no longer be the Chancellor and triggers a political and academic crisis in the Left-ruled State.
Rewriting of history

BJP attempt to rewrite textbooks a disservice to history

R. Mahalakshmi Cover Story
A parliamentary panel report on ‘reforms’ in school history textbooks attacks established scholarship and suggests controversial inclusions, in line with the regime’s dubious agenda to rewrite history.
Tension over land acquisition

Steel plant land acquisition: Dhinkia resists again

Prafulla Das The Nation
The people of Dhinkia in Odisha, who were in the forefront of anti-POSCO protests years ago, are now fighting another land acquisition attempt for an integrated steel plant.

Rangayana: Theatre of the absurd

Vikhar Ahmed Sayeed Cover Story
Rangayana, the pluralistic Kannada theatre repertory and a unique secular cultural space, is in danger of being reduced to a handmaiden of the BJP and the RSS if its present director, Addanda C. Cariappa, has his way.
Interview: Noshir Dadrawala

Noshir Dadrawala: ‘This is absolutely unacceptable control’

Anupama Katakam Cover Story
Interview with Noshir H. Dadrawala, chief executive officer, Centre for Advancement of Philanthropy, Mumbai.

How the Gaiety Theatre in Shimla was restored

Ashok Thakur Heritage
The story of how the Gaiety Theatre in Shimla was restored to its former glory.