Crisis of the Indian Bar

Print edition : March 22, 2013

Every civilised system of criminal justice has a hallowed place for lawyers. Here, law graduates being enrolled as lawyers at a function organised by the Bar Council of Kerala, in Kochi in August 2010. Photo: H. Vibhu

V.K. Anand, lawyer for one of the accused in the Delhi gang-rape case. “Every Advocate shall in the practice of the profession of law bear in mind that anyone genuinely in need of a lawyer is entitled to legal assistance.” Photo: Saurabh Das/AP

Advocate Abbas Kazmi. He waqs Ajmal Kasab's defence lawyer. The due process of law demands a defence lawyer, However indefensible the crime. Photo: Vivek Bendre

The defence lawyer is as integral to the judicial process as the judge and the prosecuting lawyer; to prevent legal representation for a person accused of a heinous crime is to subvert the judicial system itself.
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