Print edition : March 22, 2013

Gandhi Park in Thiruvananthapuram is chock-a-block with migrant labourers enjoying an evening away from sweat and toil. “Parks, city centres, gardens, and open spaces, etc. are the only spaces available for them as pre-fixed meeting points to talk to their friends, relatives, etc. But even such spaces are very few and their presence often seems to irritate local people,” the study says. Photo: S. GOPAKUMAR

A street play to create awareness among migrant labourers on AIDS and the dangers of chewing tobacco, at a construction site in Kozhikode. Photo: S. RAMESH KURUP

Many small and big employers in the garmet sector opt for wayside advertisements like this in Hindi. A poster at Sreekanteswaram Temple Road in Kozhikode. Photo: S. Ramesh Kurup

Migrant labourers at a construction site in Kozhikode. There are over 25 lakh domestic migrant labourers in Kerala today--7 to 8 per cent of the State's population. Photo: S. RAMESH KURUP

A new study focusses on the explosive growth of domestic migrant labour in Kerala and says the situation is bound to throw up serious social problems and tensions of various kinds.
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