Journey through a changing Tibet

Through the vast open spaces of the Tibetan countryside.
The monument commemorating the Peaceful Liberation of Tibet, in Potala Square, Lhasa.
Monks at Drepung monastery. Built in the 14th century, it was probably the largest monastery in all of Tibet.
A typcial Tibetan kitchen as displayed in the Tibetan Museum.
Artists at work on a temple panel.
A yak skull for sale in the Lhasa market.
The Potala palace.
The Jorkhang temple. One of the holiest shrines in Tibet, it still exudes an aura of religiosity and faith.
Murals on Chakpori Hill, Lhasa.
Monks preparing sweets in the Drepung monastery.
The Nam Tso lake.
The Drepung monastery. The panel on the right is used for displaying giant thangkas during festivals.
Tibetan women in traditional attire on their way to the Jokhang temple.
A celestial spectacle of a rainbow during the train journey to Chengdu.
The train ride from Lhasa to Chengdu passes through some breathtaking scenery.
A Tibetan village. They are often located in the folds of valleys between mountains.
A platform at the Lhasa railway station.
The author's co-travellers on the journey to Chengdu.