A new epoch

Print edition : December 22, 2017

FEBRUARY 23, 1917: A Bolshevik demonstration in the streets of Petrograd when the Kornilov uprising threatened the Provisional Government and Alexander Kerensky, its leader, was away on the Galician Front visiting troops. Photo: PA Images via Getty Images

Kerensky, one of the prominent leaders of the February Revolution, addressing troops at the war front in May 1917.

The Committee of Workers' and Soldiers' Deputies meeting in the new Soviet in St. Petersburg immediately after the Russian revolution. Photo: Getty Images

Representatives of all Soviet nationalities at Red Square, Moscow. It was the Bolsheviks who first advocated the right of self-determination for all nationalities as part of the struggle to overthrow tsarism.

The October Revolution had a universal significance. For the first time, socialism came on the agenda of world history as a concrete alternative to capitalism.
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