Road to emancipation

Print edition : December 22, 2017

March 8, 1917: A women's march at St. Petersburg, demanding "Bread and Peace". Photo: Getty Images

Vera Zasulich (1849-1919) and Maria Spiridonova (1884-1941), who studied abroad as they were not allowed to do so in Russia, saw themselves as revolutionaries. Photo: Getty Images

October 1917: Women line up to get food at Tverskaya Zastava square in Moscow. Photo: Russian State Documentary Film and Photo Archive via AP

1917: Women soldiers march during the Russian Revolution. Photo: Getty Images

A 1918 poster that says: "Women workers, take up your rifles!"

A poster that reads: "Women want to win the war too. We must help them."

Nadezhda Krupskaya, Alexandra Kollontai and Inessa Armand were active in the struggles for women's equality and became important figures of the Bolshevik leadership. Photo: Getty Images

June 13, 1942: A woman worker operating complicated machinery in a factory during wartime. Photo: Getty Images

Catherine Breshkovskaya (1844-1934). Popularly known as Babushka, the grandmother of the Russian Revolution, she was instrumental in changing the attitudes and aspirations of women in Russian politics of that time. Photo: Bettmann Archive

Prof. L.S. Stern , eminent physiologist, professor at Moscow University and Director of the Moscow Physiological Institute. She was awarded the title of "Honorary Scientific Worker", the first woman in Soviet Russia to be so honoured. Photo: THE HINDU ARCHIVES

October 1917: Casting her vote at the constitutional assembly during the revolution. Photo: Getty Images

Women turned out in large numbers wearing red for the centenary march in Moscow on November 7, 2017, to sing old revolutionary songs and reaffirm their commitment to socialism and communism. Photo: Dilip Banerjee

Women were a significant force in the mass uprising that culminated in the revolution and were instrumental in shaping the attitudes and policies of the nascent Soviet state, which recognised the urgent need for their emancipation.
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