Sultan Erdogan

Print edition : May 26, 2017

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan after the victory in the referendum, addressing his supporters, in Ankara on April 17. Photo: Elif Sogut/Getty Images

Supporters of the President at a rally near the headquarters of ruling AK Party in Ankara after the initial results of the referendum began coming out on April 16. Photo: ADEM ALTANAFP

Supporters of the opposition Republican People’s Party anxiously watch the referendum results, in Ankara. Photo: Erhan Ortac/Getty Images

At a May Day march in Ankara, protesters carrying letters that make the word “hayir”, which means “no”, in reference to the referendum. Photo: ADEM ALTAN/AFP

Demonstrators in Istanbul on April 23. The banner says "Annul the referendum!" Photo: MURAD SEZER/REUTERS

The mandate for enhanced presidential powers, notwithstanding the narrow margin of victory, tightens President Erdogan’s grip on power in Turkey.
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