Protest in Kashmir

Stones of fury

Print edition : May 26, 2017

College girls throw stones at security personnel in Srinagar on April 24. Colleges had reopened after a week’s closure, but fresh clashes erupted as students staged protests against the alleged high-handedness of security forces at Pulwama Degree College. Photo: PTI

A young protester throws stones at security forces in Srinagar on May 5. Photo: Dar Yasin/AP

A paramilitary soldier uses a sling to shoot glass marbles at protesters in Srinagar on May 5. Photo: Dar Yasin/AP

Protesters shouting slogans with stones and a placard that reads “Lift military siege from civilian areas”. Photo: Dar Yasin/AP

The young people who throw stones in Kashmir know that it will not bring a solution but see it as the only option left to them to vent their frustration at the government’s “oppressive tactics”.
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