Looming civil war

Print edition : June 14, 2013

The makeshift Sunni protest camp in Hawija destroyed by the Iraqi forces, on April 23. Photo: REUTERS

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. Photo: Karim Kadim/AP

A cleric inside a damaged Sunni mosque in western Baghdad on May 8. Photo: Hadi Mizban/AP

The scene of a car bomb attack in the Sadr City neighborhood in Baghdad on May 16. Photo: Karim Kadim/AP

Iraqi gunmen from Sunni tribes in the western Anbar province during a protest in Ramadi on April 26. Photo: AZHAR SHALLAL/AFP

Casting his ballot at a polling centre in Basra on April 20. Photo: Nabil Al-Jurani/AP

Al-Zahraa husseiniyah, a Shia place of worship in Kirkuk, after a suicide bomb attack on May 16. Photo: MARWAN IBRAHIM/AFP

Sunni protesters wave Islamist flags at an anti-government rally in Fallujah on May 3. Photo: Bilal Fawzi/AP

Sectarian violence between Shias and Sunnis escalates as rebel outfits at the forefront of the conflict in Syria get active in the country.
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