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Print edition : August 09, 2013

The Kudankulam Nuclear Power project, a file picture. At left is the first unit that went critical on July 13. Photo: A_SHAIKMOHIDEEN

March 31, 2002: Bhoomi pooja is on at the project site. At left is S.K. Jain, Director, NPCIL, and next to him is S.K. Agrawal, the then Project Director.

Nuclear energy top brass at Kudankulam a few hours before criticality was achieved. (From left) R.K. Sinha; Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission; K.C. Purohit, CMD, NPCIL; M.K. Balaji, Executive Director (Operations, LWR), NPCIL, R.S. Sundar, Site Director, Kudankulam 1 and 2; and R. Banerjee, Project Director, Kudankulam 3 and 4. Photo: A. SHAIKMOHIDEEN

March 31, 2002: The first pour of concrete that signalled the start of the construction of the nuclear plant. Photo: Thee hindu archives

The core-catcher built into the floor of the reactor building. In the event of a loss-of-coolant accident and fuel meltdown, the highly radioactive fuel core will drop down into the core-catcher. Photo: AXaAaX

The tertiary dome under construction with the passive heat removal system ducts in view. The KKNPP is the first in the country to have a tertiary dome for reactor buildings. The tertiary dome houses the air ducts for the passive heat removal system, which will allow natural air circulation to occur and thus lessen heat even during an extreme event.

With the first unit of the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project reaching criticality on July 13, a project that was envisaged some 25 years ago draws close to fruition.

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