Sikkim: Biodiversity in peril

Rhododendron thomsonii with its attractive deep red flowers.
Rosy purple flowers of R. companulatum.
A worker of the Border Roads Organisation clearing a road after a landslide.
The hardy yak is a valuable animal in the high altitudes.
During the monsoon Sikkim becomes a land of waterfalls.
Gyatso Bhuti and Palmo, his wife, at their shop at Zero Point, which is at an altitude of 4,500 metres.
R. cinnabarium, which is widely distributed.
The monsoon season sees explosive growth and flowering of Digitalis purpurea. Here a scene in Lachung village.
setusum had purple-pink flowers, AJTJ DSCN0452
A village sitting perilously close to a hillside that caved in.
R. campylocarpum with its bell-shaped yellow flowers.
R. glaucophyllum, a dwarf rhododendron.
Euphorbia sikkimensis in bloom. The plant is endemic to Sikkim.
Primula denticulta in its alpine habitat.
A project site. Construction of dams and roads poses a threat to the fragile ecosystem of the Himalayas.
Some landslides in the valley are triggered by developmental activities.