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Mastodon: A new social media platform

Print edition : December 20, 2019

Eugen Rochko, founder of Mastodon.

Eugen Rochko, founder of the social media platform Mastodon (logo below).

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook testifying at a joint Senate Judiciary and Commerce Committee hearing in Washington in April 2018. Photo: Tom Brenner/The New York Times

Clarification by Twitter India on their policies. (Right) Jack Dorsey, chief executive officer, Twitter. Photo: REUTERS

Clarification by Twitter India on their policies.

Mastodon instances with the highest and lowest numbers after verifying code of conduct. Photo:

Eugen Rochko’s toot on updating the code of conduct on Mastodon Social. Photo:

Spike in user activity on Mastodon Social in November owing to “India discovering Mastodon”.

Social media aficionados unhappy with platforms such as Twitter for various reasons now have a new option, Mastodon.
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