The salmon run

Alaska: The salmon run and the grizzly bear

Print edition : December 20, 2019

Bald eagle in flight. Photo: Nigil Haroon

A bear fishing near its cave. Photo: Nigil Haroon

The bear relishing the head of a fish, which it swallows. Photo: Nigil Haroon

A grizzly fishing. Photo: Nigil Haroon

Shaking itself dry after a bout of fishing. Photo: Nigil Haroon

A bear hunting salmon. Photo: Nigil Haroon

Tourists watch a grizzly fishing. Photo: Nigil Haroon

Some grass to chew on before the real thing. Photo: Nigil Haroon

A bear hunting salmon. In summer, the streams are full of fish and the bears have their fill of 25 to 30 big salmon a day! Photo: Nigil Haroon

A grizzly and its cubs. Photo: Nigil Haroon

A glacier landscape at the Katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska. Photo: Nigil Haroon

A bear hunting salmon is a “visual experience”. Photo: Nigil Haroon

A large grizzly. Photo: Nigil Haroon

Hunting salmon. Photo: Nigil Haroon

Horned puffin. Photo: Nigil Haroon

A grizzly and its cubs. Photo: Nigil Haroon

A moose snacking on flowers.

Nigil Haroon. Photo: BSA

Rhinoceros auklet. Photo: Nigil Haroon

Sea lion with gull. Photo: Nigil Haroon

Sea otter. Photo: Nigil Haroon

Alaskan wolf. Photo: Nigil Haroon

Every summer, the salmon run, when the fish moves from the ocean to the rivers of Alaska to breed, is an event eagerly awaited by grizzly bears returning from five to seven months of hibernation.
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