War & the city

Emden, the raider

Print edition : September 05, 2014

SMS Emden. The light cruiser rained 130 shells on the city, targeting harbour installations and Burmah Oil Company fuel tanks. Photo: By Special Arrangement

SMS Emden's captain Kapitan-Lieutenant Karl von Muller. Photo: By Special Arrangement

The damage caused to the Madras Sailing Club pavilion by Emden. Photo: By Special Arrangement

Fuel storage tanks burn after the Emden raid. Photo: By Special Arrangement

Emden beached on Cocos Island (also known as North Keeling Island) after it was destroyed on November 9 by HMAS Sydney. Photo: By Special Arrangement

An unexploded shell from Emden. Photo: The Hindu Archives

Schoolchildren learn about Emden from Curator C. Maheswaran of the Government Museum in 2008. Photo: S. THANTHONI

The plaque marking the damage Emden caused to the Madras High Court’s east wall. Photo: S.R. Raghunathan

The voyage of Emden in the Indian Ocean: August to November 1914.

On September 22, 1914, the day Madras was bombed by the German light cruiser SMS Emden, a new word, emden, entered the Tamil lexicon indicating the derring-do spirit of the German raider.
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