Rethinking priorities

Print edition : December 20, 2019

Labourers waiting to be picked up for work in Bhopal on April 9. The objective of public policy must be to move towards universal basic income as has been happening in Denmark and other such countries. Photo: Getty Images

Families with mixed immigration status seen before a brief reunification meeting for relatives separated by deportation and immigration, called “Hugs, Not Walls”, on the U.S.-Mexico border on the banks of the Rio Bravo in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, on October 26. The authors argue that ways to help and encourage immigrants to feel at home in the host country may make them more acceptable and thus reduce the suspicions about the impact of immigration. Photo: JOSE LUIS GONZALEZ/REUTERS

The Nobel-winning economists have ignored the deeper issues that affect the lives of ordinary people in this otherwise informative and policy-oriented book.
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