Alexei Saltykov

Uncoloured by colonial prejudices

Print edition : June 14, 2013

The Young Maharaja of Gwalior with courtiers. Lithograph, 1850.

African and Arab guards of the Gaekwad of Baroda. Lithograph, 1850.

Toda couple in the Nilgiris. Lithograph, 1850.

Fakirs at Ratlam. Lithograph, 1850.

Courtier of Maharaja Shersingh of Punjab. Pencil and water colour, 1842.

At Chini-gong, Kinnaur. Lithograph, 1851.

Thug chief at Hyderabad, Lithograph, 1850.

Russian Prince Alexei Saltykov’s paintings and writings on India speak of his admiration and understanding of a colonised people at a time when prejudices ran high among European colonisers.
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