Fountains of Mumbai

Resurrecting an icon

Print edition : February 03, 2017

The Kessowjee Naik pyau in Bhat Bazar after restoration. Photo: Lyla Bavadam

The Devidas Purbhoodas Kothari pyau dates to 1923.This pyau has a kabutarkhana, a place to feed pigeons and other birds, attached to it. With arches, relief work, decorative brackets and octagonal pilasters, its design shows Indo-Saracenic influences. Photo: Arunangsu Roy Chowdhury

The Madhavdas Laxmidas Kothari pyau. The Kala Ghoda Association has taken up its restoration. Photo: Arunangsu Roy Chowdhury

The restoration architect Rahul Chemburkar (centre) at the restored Kessowjee Naik pyau. Photo: Lyla Bavadam

The drinking water fountains of Mumbai, an architectural celebration of water, community, and the spirit of giving, fell into disuse with the coming of piped water. They are being restored now by the Municipal Corporation.
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