The leopards of Jawai

A leopard at its den in the rocky terrain of Jawai in Pali district, Rajasthan.
A leopard cub.
Some of the rocks are occupied by sloth bears and porcupines, but the local people have not seen the animals in conflict. Residents of the area see the killing of livestock by the leopard as a sacrifical offering.
The Jawai dam. The catchment area has enthralling rocky mountains.
A resident of Bera village. The confidence the predator and the people have reposed in each other has grown into an emotional attachment.
A villager collecting fodder for his cattle.
Cattle returning after grazing. The villages in the vicinity of the Jawai dam are examples of people's dedication to conservation.
A villager on camel back.
A temple on a hillock.
The tawny eagle.
The Indian roller.
The silverbill.
Demoiselle cranes.
Running among the rocks.
A leopard at the entrance to a cave.
One of the many moods.
A cub.
A leopard on the steps leading to a temple on a hillock in Jawai.