Chavistas’ victory

Print edition : May 17, 2013

A woman takes a photograph of herself in front of a picture of Hugo Chavez in Caracas on April 4. Photo: Carlos Garcia Rawlins/REUTERS

Nicolas Maduro drives a bus on his way to a campaign rally on March 30. Photo: JUAN BARRETO/AFP

Soldiers unload cases containing voting machines outside a polling station in Caracas on April 10. Photo: Ramon Espinosa/AP

Opposition candidate Henrique Capriles at a rally in Valera on March 26. Photo: JUAN BARRETO/AFP

Supporters of Henrique Capriles confront riot police in Caracas on April 15. Photo: Ramon Espinosa/AP

Nicolas Maduro, Hugo Chavez’s designated successor, wins the presidential election by a thin margin.
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