Exotic creatures of Galapagos

Marine iguana on Espanola Island.
Vegetation on Floreana.
A marine iguana on Floreana.
Iguanas and sally lightfoot crab on Espanola Island.
Iguanas sunning themselves on Espanola Island.
Iguanas and Sally lightfoot crab on Espanola Island.
Iguanas in communion. Espanola Island.
Iguana and sea lion. Espanola Island.
Mocking bird. Espanola Island.
Galapagos hawk in Floreana.
A mocking bird perched on a marine iguana in Espanola. Mocking birds and finches pick parasites from the backs of iguanas.
A blue-footed booby in convivial fellowship with a male marine iguana in Espanola.
Christmas tree marine iguana on Espanola Island.
Marine iguana. Espanola Island.
Marine iguanas in companionable mood. Espanola Island.
Lava lizard in Floreana.
Lava lizard in Floreana.
Sea turtle at Floreana. Sea turtles invade the islands in their thousands during the nesting season, looking for nesting sites. The mothers lay their eggs and go back to the ocean without a backward glance.
A torpedo-like sea turtle in Floreana. Photo: sdsa fdsgf ghdfg
A collecction of marine organisms in Floreana.
Post Office Bay, Floreana.
A group at Post Office Bay in Floreana, posting letters. Subsequent visiotrs will sift them, take away letters addressed to people nearer their own homes, and post them through their postal system.
A moulting land iguana in Plazas.
Santa Cruz High Street.
Galapagos penguins marry for life. Photo: ed wqrwe reqe rwqe
The Galapagos penguin, on Chinese Hat Island.
The Galapagos hawk, in Plazas. It is the only predator on these islands.
The Galapagos hawk in Floreana.
A land iguana on Bartolome Island.
Flamingos in Floreana.
A view from Bartolome Island.
Volcanic vegetation in Bartolome. Photo: dxs fdsfgdsfg
A cactus on Bartolome Island.
A grasshopper (introduced species) on Bartalome Island.
A land iguana on Bartolome Island.
A moulting land iguana in Floreana.
A land iguana, in Plazas.
A lava lizard in North Seymour.
A land iguana crawling into its nest in North Seymour.
A land iguana on North Seymour Island. Land iguanas, fewer than the ubiquitous marine iguanas, are much bigger and are found mostly on Plazas and North Seymour Islands.