Yakub Memon's execution

Print edition : September 18, 2015

Yakub Memon.

A demonstration in Mumbai on July 28 in support of Yakub Memon's mercy plea. Photo: Shashank Parade/PTI

B. Raman, a former Additional Secretary, RAW. The article he wrote proved beyond doubt the fact of a deal. Photo: K. Ramesh Babu

Shantonu Sen, a former Joint Director of the CBI. His statements are contradictory and unwittingly reveal him. Photo: Sandeep Saxena

Yakub Memon's body (in the black car) being taken to his family residence at Mahim in Mumbai on July 30. Photo: Vivek Bendre

The Supreme Court of India’s record on Yakub Memon will long be recalled for its denial of justice to him by a consistent stretching of the law and evidence against him at every single stage.
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