Tipu in Malabar

Print edition : January 05, 2018

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah paying tribute to Tipu Sultan in Bengaluru on November 10. Photo: V. Sreenivasa Murthy

The Inam Register sprawls across the reading room at the Regional Archives of Kozhikode. Photo: Vikhar Ahmed Sayeed

The spot in Srirangapatna where Tipu Sultan's body was found. Photo: M.A. Sriram

Around 500 bundles of these land revenue records in the Modi script are available at theArchives. Photo: Vikhar Ahmed Sayeed

A page of the land revenue survey recorded in the Modi script used by clerks of the Mysore kings. Photo: Vikhar Ahmed Sayeed

A plaque from a Kalari school near Guruvayur Temple that records Tipu’s arrival in the region. Photo: S. RAJENDU

This locked passage leads to the fort of Farooqabad which Tipu wanted to establish as his capital in Malabar. Photo: CVNCVBMNVB

Tipu Sultan’s largesse to temples as recorded in the 19th century Inam Registers of Malabar shows that he was sensitive to the religious sensibilities of Hindus.
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