Architectural legacy of Delhi

India Gate. It was originally designed as a war memorial dedicated to the Indian soldiers killed during the First World War and other wars such as the Afghan War. The nearby canopy used to serve as a memorial to George V. Photo: Shashank Shekhar Sinha
The Viceroy’s House (now Rashtrapati Bhavan) with the famous Jaipur Column in the front. Photo: Shashank Shekhar Sinha
The dome of the Viceroy’s House flanked by the twin secretariat buildings (North and South blocks). In the foreground are Vijay Chowk (Victory Square) and the avenue that is now the site of the “Beating the Retreat” ceremony. Photo: Shashank Shekhar Sinha
Hyderabad House. Designed by Edwin Lutyens for the last Nizam of Hyderabad, it is now used by the Government of India as the venue to meet foreign dignitaries. Photo: Shashank Shekhar Sinha
One of the four “Columns of the Dominion of the Empire”, in front of South Block. Each such column is surmounted by a bronze ship signifying the maritime strength of the British Empire. Photo: Shashank Shekhar Sinha
The western court, one of the buildings on Queen’s Way (Janpath). There are currently plans to replace the transit hostel for legislators at the western court with a residential guest house for Members of Parliament. Photo: Shashank Shekhar Sinha
The Council Chamber (now Parliament House). Designed by Herbert Baker, it was originally built to house three chambers: the Council of State (now the Rajya Sabha), the Legislative Assembly (now the Lok Sabha) and the Chamber of Princes. Photo: Shashank Shekhar Sinha
The Teen Murti complex. Designed by Robert Tor Russell, it was originally called Flagstaff House and was the residence of the British Army’s Commander-in-Chief of the British Army and, later, of Jawaharlal Nehru. Photo: Shashank Shekhar Sinha
A portion of the Inner Circle of Connaught Place, which Robert Tor Russell designed as a commercial hub. The historical Wengers bakery can also be seen in the picture. Photo: Shashank Shekhar Sinha
The Gole Market. It was one of the oldest markets in Delhi. It now awaits redevelopment as a heritage museum after a court ruling in 2013 ordered the shopkeepers still on the premises to vacate. Photo: Shashank Shekhar Sinha