Nuclear energy

From Siberia to Kudankulam

Print edition : March 30, 2018

Uranium dioxide powder being sintered in ovens into granules in the NCCP. Photo: Yuri Suleymanov

Fuel rods with nuclear fuel pellets inside stacked on the shop floor at the plant. Photo: Yuri Suleymanov

Nuclear fuel pellets, made of lightly enriched uranium, being polished. These polished pellets of the right geometry are used in the fuel rods. Photo: Yuri Suleymanov

The hexagonal grid separator which holds the nuclear fuel rods in place when the rods are bundled into fuel assemblies. Photo: Yuri Suleymanov

Close-up of nuclear fuel pellets. Photo: Yuri Suleymanov

Nuclear assemblies getting ready with grid separators. Photo: Yuri Suleymanov

Fully assembled, they are ready for export for use in the reactors at Kudankulam. Photo: Yuri Suleymanov

Alexey V. Zhiganin, Director General, NCCP. Photo: By Special Arrangement

The nuclear fuel for the reactors at Kudankulam comes from the NCCP at Novosibirsk in Siberia after a complex process.

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