Animal Husbandry

The hounds of Mudhol

Print edition : June 26, 2015

A Mudhol dog on the CRIC campus. Photo: VIKHAR AHMED SAYEED

The Mudhol breed is marked by a distinct long, slender body and graceful features. Photo: VIKHAR AHMED SAYEED

The Mudhol hound. Photo: VIKHAR AHMED SAYEED

Hounds reared at the CRIC line up during a dog show at the centre. Photo: VIKHAR AHMED SAYEED

The penultimate king of Mudhol, Malojirao Ghorpade, who brought the Mudhol hound into prominence. Photo: VIKHAR AHMED SAYEED

Karnataka is tasting success in a commendable initiative to revive an indigenous dog breed that simultaneously uplifts marginalised communities by providing them with a means of livelihood.
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