Heritage trail

Print edition : November 28, 2014

The Cathedral of Piazza Duomo in Vicenza, erected in 1430 in Gothic form with chrome marble and blind arcades and attributed to Domenica da Venezia. Photo: ROMAIN MAITRA

Arena di Verona, a Roman amphitheatre in Piazza Bra in Verona. Photo: ROMAIN MAITRA

A part of the amphitheatre. Here, tradition coexists with modernity. Photo: ROMAIN MAITRA

A contemporary piece of public art near the historic city centre of Vicenza. Photo: ROMAIN MAITRA

An architectural design by Fabio Novembre in Museum Bisazza. Photo: Romain Maitra

The Pixel Ballet with white and yellow gold mosaic, glasss mosaic and ceramic, by Jaime Hayon. Photo: ROMAIN MAITRA

The entry to the Poli distillery in Bassano del Grappa. The photographs in the backdrop are of the the first and presnt generations of the family that owns the distillery. Photo: ROMAIN MAITRA

A pub at Vicenza City Centre complex. Photo: ROMAIN MAITRA

An automobile designed like a railway engine shares the traffice in Verona with more modern modes of transport. Photo: ROMAIN MAITRA

The dwarfs on the wall of Villa Valmarana Ai Nani. Photo: ROMAIN MAITRA

The figure of a lion holding an open book is a common sight in north-eastern Italy. Photo: ROMAIN MAITRA

Inside the parish church of San Pietro di Feletto in the Veneto region. Photo: ROMAIN MAITRA

The statue of Dante in a piazza in Verona. Photo: ROMAIN MAITRA

On the way to Verona. Photo: ROMAIN MAITRA

Juliet's statue in the courtyard of Casa Giulietta, House of Juliet in Verona. Tourists come here to touch its right breast and get photographed. Photo: ROMAIN MAITRA

The famous Juliet's balcony. Photo: ROMAIN MAITRA

The wooden bridge Ponte degli Alpini in Bassano above the Brenta river, originally designed by Andrea Palladio in 1569. Photo: ROMAIN MAITRA

A downtown heritage area in Verona. Photo: ROMAIN MAITRA

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