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Print edition : June 07, 2019

Alok Kumar Ranjan.

Interview with Alok Kumar Ranjan, Director, Ambition Law Institute, New Delhi.

How did Ambition Law Institute come into being?

A strong desire to teach motivated me to train students in the neighbourhood both in my home town and in Delhi. Their positive response encouraged me to take up training and mentoring as a career. That is how I launched Ambition Law Institute in 2001.

Why is Law a preferred optional subject in the UPSC examination?

The subject enables the civil services aspirant to acquire an understanding of a variety of laws and helps familiarise them with legal developments in areas such as consumer protection, environment protection, information technology as well as copyright and patent laws. That apart, learning about the prevention of corruption and the protection of civil rights will help an aspirant to serve society better.

Law is nothing but common sense and logic, so any student can safely opt for this subject. It needs a common-sense application of a set of rules in any given situation to find solutions. The subject has immense utility in General Studies and essay writing too. In fact, knowledge of law is a must for any administrator.

Could you tell us about the preparation strategy for the Judicial Services examination?

The Judicial Services examination is a three-tier exam which demands a different preparation plan and strategy at each level. The first or preliminary stage requires Bare Act analysis, conceptual and contextual clarity and an awareness of spatial and temporal variations, apart from memorising factual information. All Bare Acts have an order and organisation, and the student only needs to pick it up in the right order, and that is what we enable in our training. An awareness and understanding of this arrangement can enable the student to comfortably memorise sections and chapters, and this is key to the preliminary exam. I believe that the text finds its meaning in context, so studying everything in context is necessary for proper understanding.

At the second level of the written exam, the student is required to provide solutions to application-based questions or reproduce ideas in answer to theoretical questions. At the final level, an interview is conducted to examine the suitability of the candidate to serve as a judge.

The training is imparted in such a way that students can tackle the most complex examination questions. Our teaching methodology helps students retain the ideas and reproduce them with ease in different patterns to suit the needs of different exams. We train students to prepare the answers and synoptical notes with sections and cases in their own words.

The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is seen as an emerging option.

The CLAT is a single exam comprising 200 objective-type questions to be solved in two hours. The components include legal aptitude, logical reasoning, English language, mathematical aptitude and general awareness. Since these subjects require practice within a time frame, we suggest that students first master the principles and then practise on an everyday basis.

We advise students to read an English newspaper every day. Newspaper reading helps students improve their language, vocabulary and usage, apart from keeping up to date on legal developments such as the passing of new laws and ordinances, and legal terms.

What is unique about Ambition Law Institute’s pedagogy?

At Ambition Law Institute, we believe that success does not come only by learning law. Proficiency in English, general knowledge, essay writing skills and mastery in translation are also essential. We focus on these areas and conduct classes accordingly. Many students know law but fail due to their unpreparedness in other areas.

We have formulated our lecture plan to give each subject its desired importance. We follow a certain rule of thumb. For instance, sessions for each subject begin with the basics of the syllabus.

Ambition Law Institute has been serving students for over a decade and has been the undisputed leader in providing meaningful preparatory legal education. We have a student-centric approach.

Our teachers and staff work towards ensuring that the classes are suited to the needs and aspirations of the students. We provide dedicated expertise. Our team of experts works tirelessly to prepare updated, relevant and concise literature for students’ use.

We believe in helping a student grow both intellectually and in terms of his/her overall personality. We pay individual attention to ensure a marked improvement in the candidates.

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