Cheetah bonding

Print edition : August 02, 2019

This photograph of a cub lying with his forelegs on the shoulder of a sibling at the Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya was featured in the 2019 calendar of “BBC Wildlife” magazine.

Malaika, an iconic supermom of Masai Mara. Photo: PADMANABHAN Narayanan

Dogo and Kigumba in an affectionate moment.

Malaika teaching the cubs to throttle and kill prey. Photo: PADMANABHAN Narayanan

Dogo and Kigumba. A spectacle that has captured global attention in Masai Mara now is a group comprising five cheetahs. Photo: PADMANABHAN NARAYANAN

One of the cubs with a hare it killed and refused to share until Malaika intervened. Photo: PADMANABHAN NARAYANAN

The vast and open plains of the reserve. Photo: PADMANABHAN NARAYANAN

Padmanabhan Narayanan. Photo: Varun Aditya

A wildlife photographer spent a week on the trail of a cheetah named Malaika and her two cubs in Masai Mara and came away with some stunning visuals.
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