Tryst with the West

Print edition : February 08, 2013

Discovered in Hollywood Center in April 2002. Researchers say that it was probably taken in San Francisco in 1900. Ida Ansell, a devotee also known as Ujjvala, is thought to be the source of the photograph. Photo: czxc zc

December 1899, Pasadena, California. Enjoying a picnic. Photo: axAXax

Kate Sanborn, who befriended him while he was on his way from Chicago to Boston and invited him home. Photo: dvsdvsdv

Prof. J.H. Wright, who wrote a letter of introduction to the Parliament of Religions. Photo: scascas

J.J. Goodwin, the young English stenographer who efficiently recorded his lectures. Photo: dfvsdvsd

Margaret Noble, better known in India as Sister Nivedita. He met her in the U.K. in 1895. Photo: eaesfaef

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