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The great land grab

Print edition : May 17, 2013

Mango farmers at a protest meeting at Mithivirdi village, Bhavnagar, Gujarat on May 25, 2011. Photo: PTI

Farmers at work and, in the background, the Sosiya-Alang ship-breaking yard, near Mithivirdi village. Photo: SAM PANTHAKY/AFP

A farmer checks the bumper yield of onions near the proposed Nirma cement plant project at Mahuva on March 3. Photo: SAM PANTHAKY/AFP

A boy grazes his cattle near the Tata Nano car plant in Sanand. Photo: AMIT DAVE/REUTERS

Building a road near a proposed car plant in Sanand. A file photograph. Photo: AMIT DAVE/REUTERS

The Gujarat “development” model depends on acquiring, often forcibly, huge tracts of land and making them available at below market prices to industries, destroying village economy and fraternity.

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