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Building euphoria

Print edition : May 17, 2013

Narendra Modi at a primary school in Banaskantha in 2011. The State's spending on education is falling. Photo: PTI

At Mundra Port, wheat being unloaded. The CAG has reported breach of land allotment conditions by MPSEZL. Photo: AMIT DAVE/REUTERS

At the wholesale market in Ahmedabad. Falling farm income has led to a drop in employment in agriculture. Photo: AMIT DAVE

This 15-year-old blood cancer patient died in the car park at the Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad on April 12. He was turned away the previous day on the plea of no vacant bed. The State's spending on health as a share of total expenditure has reduced from 4.25 per cent in 1990-95 to 0.77 per cent in 2005-10. Photo: SAM PANTHAKY/AFP

Nearly a third of the population in the State lives in poverty. Here, at a home for the destitute in Ahmedabad.

But in Modi’s Gujarat the difference between development and darkness is all too visible to those who care to see.
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