For a new cartography

Print edition : November 13, 2015

S. Radhakrishnan. The quote "Indian literature is one, though written in different languages” is often attributed to him. Photo: The Hindu Archives

Harish Trivedi. Photo: M.A. Sriram

Mamang Dai. Photo: R. Ragu

Namdeo Dhasal, Dalit writer and activist. Photo: PTI

Robin S. Ngangom, Manipuri poet and writer. How truly representative of our diversity are "national" literary histories? Photo: The Hindu Archives

Sheldon Pollock. He wrote discontinuous histories of South Asian literature. Photo: Misha Friedman/ The New York Times

E.V. Ramakrishnan Photo: By Special Arrangement

Ipshita Chanda. Photo: By Special Arrangement

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