Music in the Romantic imagination

Print edition : March 17, 2017

The book deals with the quintessential Romantic composer Robert Schumann.

In the book, the music scholar Charles Rosen identifies the "fragment" as the fundamental Romantic musical form.

Robert Schumann, in an 1850 daguerreotype. His music in many ways captures the essence of the Romantic imagination. Photo: Johan Anton Vollner, Hamburg

E.T.A. Hoffmann. The writer is emblematic of the Romantic spirit and was hugely influential in his time. Photo: National Gallery of the Berlin State Museums

The title of Schumann's "Fantasiestucke" echoes the title of the work that made Hoffmann famous.

Schumann's "Kreisleriana" bears the same title as Hoffmann's collection of stories, essays, fictional letters, aesthetics and musical criticism.

Hoffmann's portrait of his fictional character Kreisler. Photo: Klauss Gunzel

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