A poet as a translator

Print edition : August 04, 2017

Rabindranath Tagore, circa 1935. Photo: Getty Images

William Radice. When he compared the original in Tagore's manuscript with the published version after W.B. Yeats' editing, Radice found that Yeats had changed the sequence of the 83 poems. Moreover, he found the "rhythmic energy" and power of Tagore's original version absent in the published text of "Gitanjali".

W.B. YEATS in a picture taken by George Charles Beresford on July 15, 1911.He edited Tagore's translations of "Gitanjali" in 1912. Photo: National Portrait Gallery London

William Radice made it his mission to restore Tagore’s poetry to its true place, “in its own true majesty and environment”, so that “Tagore as a man and as a poet can gradually be better understood”.
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