Aikya concert

Music from the margins

Print edition : April 01, 2016

T.M. Krishna and the Jogappas at the 'Aikya' concert in Bengaluru on February 21. Photo: K. Bhagya Prakash

Laxman Nivrutti Bhosale, aka Laxman Guru, in front of the shrine to Yellamma Devi at her home. Photo: Vikhar Ahmed Sayeed

Satish Keraba Pasare, aka Rakhi, at her home, which has a Yellamma shrine. Photo: Vikhar Ahmed Sayeed

Sagar Bhaskar Walke in front of his house in Nipani. Photo: Vikhar Ahmed Sayeed

The choudki, an musical instrument used by Jogappas. Photo: Vikhar Ahmed Sayeed

The sutti, another instrument used in their concerts. Photo: Vikhar Ahmed Sayeed

When T.M. Krishna, the “enfant terrible” of Carnatic music, and five Jogappas, belonging to a traditional community of transwomen musicians in rural Karnataka, came together for a concert recently, it brought a new idiom to the language of music.
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