Rani ki Vav

A queen’s tribute

Print edition : December 26, 2014

A frontal view of Rani ki Vav, showing the various levels of its floors and the well at the far end. Photo: The Hindu Archives

The well at the western end of Rani ki Vav. Photo: Vivek Bendre

The 'entrance' to Rani ki Vav. Photo: Sam Panthanky/AFP

A view of the structure inside. Photo: Sam Panthaky/AFP

Intricate patterns on the walls of Rani ki Vav reminescent of Patola textile designs. Photo: Vivek Bendre

Detail of a sculpture of Vishnu reclining on Seshnag in one of the panels. Photo: Vivek Bendre

Detail showing a sculpture of Kali with skull. Photo: Vivek Bendre

Detail showing sculpture of Mahishasuramardini. Photo: Vivek Bendre

Rani ki Vav, a spectacular 11th-century stepwell in Patan, Gujarat, is now a UNESCO world heritage site.

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