Capturing the intangibles

Print edition : September 20, 2013

The Man in the Sola Hat, Bombay, 1985. Photo: dd

My Grandfather, Bombay, 1985. Photo: '',k,m,

Mr. Kolah at his pickle shop, Navsari, Gujarat, 1982.

Photographer Ratan Mody in Mody studio, 1982. Photo: fgsfd

Humorist, writer and journalist Behram 'Busybee' Contractor, Bombay, 1999. Photo: sooni taraporevala

Godrej Typewriter Factory, Bombay, 1984. Photo: ;ll

Buying fruit at Bhajji Gully, Bombay, 1986. Photo: .,,mmm

Sooni Taraporevala, a self-portrait. Primarily a photographer, she is an award-winning screenwriter ("Salaam Bombay", "Mississippi Masala", "The Namesake") and filmmaker ("Little Zizou").

The Mystic Piano Tuner Mr. Ratnagar, Bombay, 1985. Photo: dfgdf

Flowers at Wadiaji Atash Behram, Bombay, 1985. Photo: cvbcv

Photographer Sooni Taraporevala’s exhibition “Parsis”, opening at New Delhi’s National Gallery of Modern Art on September 16, is a reminder that the mundane can be made memorable.
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