Kochi-Muziris Biennale

"Untitled", 2016, by Jonathan Owen. 19th century marble statue with further carving. Photo: Vikhar Ahmed Sayeed
‘Dream Stop’ 2015-16, by Gary Hill. He has used 31 projectors to beam visitors' images captured by tiny cameras in a device placed in the middle of a large room. Photo: Vikhar Ahmed Sayeed
"Sourcemouth: Liquidbody", 2016, by Hanna Tuulikki. Stills from three-screen film and sound installation, vocal composition, choreography, visual score and live performance. Photo: Vikhar Ahmed Sayeed
"The Pyramid of Exiled Poets", 2016, by Ales Steger. Architectural structure and installation with mixed-media and recordings of poems by writers exiled from their homelands over the centuries—Publius Ovidius Naso, Dante Alighieri, Bertold Brecht, Czeslaw Milosz, Mahmoud Darwish, Yan Lian, Joseph Brodsky, Ivan Blatn and Cesar Vallejo. Photo: Vikhar Ahmed Sayeed
"The Sea of Pain", 2016, by Raul Zurita. Visitors wade through knee-deep water in a large warehouse to reach the other end, where a poem dedicated to Galip Kurdi, the brother of Aylan Kurdi, the Syrian refugee boy who was washed ashore on a Turkish beach, awaits them. Photo: Vikhar Ahmed Sayeed
"Aloidia Piorm" 2013-14, by Gary Hill. Mixed media with broken shards of blown glass and written text. Photo: Vikhar Ahmed Sayeed
"Tale of the God of Kiln", 2015, an evocative self-sculpture by the Japanes artist Takayuki Yamamoto. Mixed-media installation. Photo: Vikhar Ahmed Sayeed
"Prime 2016", by Camille Norment. Visitors sit on wooden benches in a large room that opens out into a verandah overlooking the sea. The music moves up through the benches and uses the deep baritones of African-American church music to convey a range of emotions. Photo: Vikhar Ahmed Sayeed
Untitled Sculpture Series, 1980-2016, by Himmat Shah. Twenty terracotta and ceramic busts. Photo: Vikhar Ahmed Sayeed
"Go Playces", 2016, by the graphic novelist Orijit Sen. In a mixed-media installation, he has used bright and colourful images to depict everyday life in the Punjabi heartland, Mapusa Market in Goa and the Charminar area of Hyderabad. Photo: Vikhar Ahmed Sayeed
"Blue Charminar", 2016, by Orijit Sen. Mixed-media sculpture. Photo: Vikhar Ahmed Sayeed
A portion from "The Revelation Project", 2016, by the Pakistani-American artist Salman Toor and exiled poet Hasan Mujtaba. Oil on canvas.Vikhar Ahmed Sayeed Photo: Vikhar Ahmed Sayeed
"Multiple Choice", 2012, by Martin Walde. Installation with wax on wooden chair, motion detector and IR light bulb. Photo: Vikhar Ahmed Sayeed
"Egg-Eating Egret", 2011, by Charles Avery. Bronze, enamel paint and an egg. Photo: Vikhar Ahmed Sayeed
"Untitled", 2016, by Ouyang Jianghe. Hanging scroll with a poem written in calligraphic script. Photo: Vikhar Ahmed Sayeed
"The Journey we Never Made", 2016, by the Karachi-born Naiza Khan. Installation with model boats, drawings and mixed media. Photo: Vikhar Ahmed Sayeed
"Home", 2016, a painting by Abir Karmakar, oil on canvas, which ruminates on the idea of what makes a home. Photo: Vikhar Ahmed Sayeed