Fidel Castro

Valediction for the Comandante

Print edition : December 23, 2016

The urn with the ashes of Fidel Castro is driven trhough Sancti Spiritus, Cuba, on December 1, during its four-day journey across the island for the burial in Santiago de Cuba. Photo: RDO/AFP

A woman cries while waiting for the convoy carrying the remains of Fidel Castro, in Cienfuegos, 240 km south-east of Havana, on December 1.

May 23, 1963: Fidel Castro, then the Prime Minister of Cuba, addressing a mass Soviet rally at the Lenin Stadium in Moscow. Photo: UPI

January 8, 1959: Fidel Castro (centre), surrounded by members of his leftist guerilla movement, entering Havana after the victory over the forces of Batista. Photo: AFP

Fidel Castro’s vision was at the root of what his comrades and then increasingly larger numbers of his compatriots began to aspire for. Fidel, the original leader, also became the symbol of what others who came after him managed to achieve collectively.
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