West Asia

Syria’s ruin

Print edition : November 14, 2014

Syrian refugees fleeing the fighting in the Lebanese town of Arsal wait with their belongings in Majdel Anjar in the Bekaa valley, near the border with Syria, on August 8. They were attempting to head back to Syria, but the Syrian authorities at the border rejected them until further investigation to verify their identities and statuses. Photo: Hassan Abdallah/REUTERS

Smoke billows from Arsal, a Sunni Muslim town, on August 2, as it came under attack by Islamic State militants. Photo: AP

Hizbollah supporters carry the coffin of a fighter killed by the jehadis in the Qalamoun mountains along the border with Syria, on October 10. Photo: ANWAR AMRO/AFP

Families of missing soldiers who were kidnapped by Islamic State and al Nusra militants sit in protest in Beirut, on October 16. Photo: Bilal Hussein/AP

Even as Jabhat al Nusra draws youth to its side by offering them a chance to lead a life of dignity, Syrians of various ideological hues are equally determined to keep the Gulf-funded jehadis at bay.
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