Justice delayed

Print edition : February 20, 2015

January 12, 1972: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (left) signs the oath of office in Dhaka as the first Prime Minister of independent Bangladesh. With him is the new President, Abu Sayeed Chowdhury. Photo: THE HINDU ARCHIVES

A demonstration against the Jamaat-e-Islami party in Dhaka on February 2013, with the protesters demanding capital punishment to all convicted war criminals and a ban on the Jamaat for its leaders' role in 1971. Photo: Pavel Rahman/AP

Monwara (left), whose biological mother was rescued from a Pakistani camp, was adopted by a Canadian couple. Here, she is with her adoptive mother. Photo: BY SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT

One of the massacre sites of the war of liberation. Most Bangladeshi estimates put the number of dead at three million. Photo: By Special Arrangement

The long-delayed war crime trials in Bangladesh and the convictions they result in do not right the wrongs done to the victims, but there is succour in the thought that justice is finally being meted out.
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