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Inside the matrix

Print edition : May 03, 2013

Settlements and settler roads carve up the hills and the land below. This is a view from Wallajeh village. Photo: Gautam Bhatia

Abu Jamal shows the land that used to be his. Photo: Githa Hariharan

In this photo from a Hebron rooftop, the roof with the holes in the water tank is Palestinian. The house above to the right is a settler's. Photo: Gautam Bhatia

The netting covering the old Hebron market. The settler houses are above. Photo: Gautam Bhatia

Abu Jamal blocks his driveway with stones to keep settlers out. Photo: Githa Hariharan

The alleged 'Moses tank' in Abu Jamal's land. Photo: Githa Hariharan

The tunnel that has been built in Walajeh for Omar to go to his house. Photo: Gautam Bhatia

Rooftop thoroughfare for Israeli settlers in East Jerusalem. Photo: Githa Hariharan

Security systems in place on an East Jerusalem rooftop to protect Israeli rooftop settlers. Photo: Githa Hariharan

Soldiers and cycle stands for Israeli settlers on East Jerusalem rooftop. Photo: Githa Hariharan

On the way to Abu Nidal’s house. Photo: Githa Hariharan

Electric fence and loops of barbed wire enclose Abu Nidal’s house. Photo: Githa Hariharan

The only gate to get into Abu Nidal’s house. Photo: Githa Hariharan

Abu Nidal before his house. The settlement is in the background to the right. Photo: Githa Hariharan

The bird on the wall before Abu Nidal’s house. Photo: Githa Hariharan

Israel’s facts on the ground, Palestine’s people on the ground.
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