Immigration fury

Free Europe in shackles

Print edition : January 24, 2014

The Sculeni border crossing point from Romania to the Republic of Moldova. Britain is gripped by fresh fears that a new wave of immigrant workers will arrive after restrictions on Bulgarian and Romanian nationals are lifted on January 1. The government has rushed through legislation restricting E.U. migrants from claiming unemployment handouts. Photo: AFP

British Home Secretary Theresa May, who has spoken out in favour of curbing immigration. Photo: AP

British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has said the proposed policy would spell disaster for British businesses. Photo: Sang Tan/AP

Marine Le Pen, president of the Far Right party Front National, which is gaining ground in France. Photo: PIERRE ANDRIEU/AFP

A leaked British government proposal to cap immigration from E.U. member-states has provoked fury across Europe, with the U.K.’s allies accusing it of betraying the E.U. charter.
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