Enter Israel

Print edition : May 31, 2013

Israeli soldiers at an observation point on Mount Bental in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights May 5. Syria is to the east of the mountain and Damascus is just 60 km away. Photo: BAZ RATNER/REUTERS

A shell casing lies on the road after an Israeli air strike in Jamraya near Damascus on May 5. Photo: REUTERS/al manar tv/handout

A picture released by the Syrian Arab News Agency on May 5 showing the damage caused by the Israeli strike. Photo: AFP

A group of rebel fighters who are in conflict with forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad, on May 5. Photo: REUTERS

At an Independence Day rally in the Druze village of Buqata on the Golan Heights on April 17, a flag with the picture of Assad. Photo: BAZ RATNER/REUTERS

Israel attacks Syria’s armed forces in Damascus, openly involving itself in the neighbouring country’s domestic politics, even as the West uses the bogey of chemical weapons to threaten Syria.
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