The revised Entity List

Print edition : October 13, 2001
Bharat Dynamics Limited

The following subordinates of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)

Armament Research and Development Establishment (ARDE)

Defence Research and Development Lab (DRDL), Hyderabad

Missile Research and Development Complex Solid State Physics Laboratory

The following Department of Atomic Energy entities:

Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) Indira Gandhi Atomic Research Centre (IGCAR) Indian Rare Earths

Nuclear reactors (including power plants), fuel reprocessing and enrichment facilities, heavy water

production facilities and their collocated ammonia plants

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) headquarters

in Bangalore, and the following subordinate entities:

ISRO Telemetry, Tracking and Command Network (ISTRAC)

ISRO Inertial Systems Unit (IISU), Thiruvananthapuram

Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre Solid Propellant Space Booster Plant (SPROB) Space Applications Centre (SAC), Ahmedabad Sriharikota Space Centre (SHAR)

Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC), Thiruvananthapuram

Abdul Qader Khan Research Laboratories, a.k.a. Khan Research Laboratories (KRL), a.k.a. Engineering Research Laboratories (ERL), Kahuta

Al Technique Corporation of Pakistan Ltd. Allied Trading Co. ANZ Importers and Exporters, Islamabad

Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DESTO), Rawalpindi

High Technologies Ltd., Islamabad

Karachi CBW Research Institute, University of Karachi's Husein Ebrahim Jamal Research Institute of Chemistry (HEJRIC)

Lastech Associates, Islamabad Machinery Master Enterprises, Islamabad

Maple Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Consultants, Importers and Exporters

Orient Importers and Exporters, Islamabad

Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC), and the

following subordinate entities: National Development Complex (NDC)

Nuclear reactors (including power plants), fuel reprocessing and enrichment facilities, all uranium processing, conversion and enrichment facilities, heavy water production facilities and any collocated ammonia plants

Pakistan Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology (PINSTECH)

People's Steel Mills, Karachi Prime International

Space and Upper Atmospheric Research Commission (SUPARCO)

Technical Services, Islamabad The Tempest Trading Company, Islamabad Unique Technical Promoters Wah Chemical Product Plant

Wah Munitions Plant, a.k.a. Explosives Factory

Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF)

Note: (i) In the case of the entities mentioned in the list, licence requirement is essential for all items, subject to the Export Administration Regulations (EAR).

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