The last straw

Print edition :

The Red Sea port of Hudaydah, now under a brutal military assault. Photo: ABDULJABBAR ZEYAD/REUTERS

A child displaced from Hudaydah at a shelter in the northern district of Abs in Hajjah province, which is held by the Houthis. Photo: ESSA AHMED/AFP

Food aid in Abs for people who have fled Hudaydah. Photo: ESSA AHMED/AFP

Homes destroyed in an air strike by Saudi Arabian warplanes in Amran on June 25. Photo: KHALED ABDULLAH/REUTERS

The humanitarian crisis in Yemen, caused by the war started by Saudi Arabia and the UAE in 2015, has been aggravated by the latest military assault on Hudaydah, a port city through which much of the relief supplies for the country’s beleaguered population are routed.
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