A Muslim NATO?

Print edition : April 28, 2017

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif with Gen. Raheel Sharif, a file picture. Nawaz Sharif had despatched his Adviser on Foreign Affairs to Tehran to apprise the government there about Gen. Sharif’s appointment. Photo: AFP

Children walk outside a school that was damaged in an air strike in the southern Yemeni city of Taez on March 16. Photo: Ahmad al-Basha/AFP

The Saudi king and other heads of state during the Arab League summit held in Jordan on March 29, which adopted a resolution condemning "foreign interference" in the affairs of the states in the region. Among the countries listed as members of the Saudi-led military alliance are Egypt, Turkey and Pakistan. Photo: Raad Adayleh/AP

Retired army chief Gen. Raheel Sharif’s new job as the head of a Saudi-led military alliance despite Pakistan’s stated position of maintaining neutrality in the war in Yemen raises diplomatic concerns and invites criticism within the country.
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