Supreme Court and Yakub Memon

Print edition : October 02, 2015

Special prayers being offered in Kolkata on July 31, the day after Yakub Memon was hanged. Photo: Dibyangshu Sarkar/AFP

Yakub Memon, when he was on death row. Photo: PTI

Justice Kurian Joseph. He stayed the death warrant, but Justice Dave would not. Photo: Thulasi Kakkat

Yakub Memon's brother Suleiman on his way to Nagpur Central Jail after the execution on July 30. Photo: PTI

Journalists waiting outside the Supreme Court on July 30 early morning for the final verdict on Yakub Memon's petition. The case was heard uniquely in court and not at the judge's residence at night as is the norm. Photo: Prashant Nakwe

Justice Anil R. Dave. His predilections and prejudices "do not lie deep below consciousness". Photo: R.V. Moorthy

Senior Advocate Raju Ramachandran. He was Yakub Memon’s counsel. Justice Dave said to him and Senior Advocate T.R. Andhyarujina: "I hope you know who you are trying to save." Photo: S. Subramanium

Justice Dipak Misra. While hearing the petition on July 30, he said: “The instant petition is a clear expose of the manipulation of the principle of rule of law.” Photo: R.V. Moorthy

It is important to note the course that the Yakub Memon case took in the fateful days from July 22 to the execution on July 30 and the attitude of the judges concerned to pleas from a death-row convict. In such cases, it is the judges and the country that are on trial before history.

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