Some of the encroachments

Print edition : May 27, 2016

THE most prominent property mentioned in the Anwar Manippady report on the encroachment/misuse of wakf lands is the iconic Windsor Manor Hotel in the heart of Bengaluru (survey no. 25, Sankey Tank Road, 1,65,752 square feet). In contravention of Wakf rules, the property’s lease was extended twice, from 30 to 50 years and then from 50 to 90 years for a meagre amount. The following are a few of the other encroachments listed in the Manippady report.

Bidar district has the largest number of encroachments, with 1,803 acres (one acre=0.4 hectare) of the total 2,586 acres of wakf lands being illegally occupied or disposed of.

Bidar district

• Survey no. 73: 180 acres of Asia’s second biggest graveyard for Muslims, belonging to the Khaja Abdul Faiz Dargah in Haladkere village in Bidar district.

• Survey no. 73: 8.36 acres of land belonging to the Fatehulla Qhadri Dada Peer Dargah in Aliabad village.

• Survey no. 59: 31.37 acres of land belonging to the Shah Valiulla Hussaini Dargah in Aliabad village.

• Survey nos. 105 (2.11 acres), 104 (2.88 acres), 105 (5.35 acres), 107 (8.09 acres) of Chidri village; survey nos. 34 (1.34 acres) 35 (2.27 acres), 36 (22.23 acres), 37/1 (10 acres), 37/2 (13.07 acres), 49 (25.21 acres), 50 (7 acres) and 51 (17.26 acres); all properties of Ali Bareed Dargah containing the tombs of Ali Bareed and Masjid Sunni. This is a major wakf institution and also an archaeological monument.

Kalaburagi district

• Survey no. 12: 8.34 acres of the Hazrat Khaja Bandenawaz Dargah.

• Survey no. 13: 2 acres of Dargah Hazrath Aber Sayeed Junaidi in Vakkalgera.

• Survey nos. 33/1, 33/2, 33/3, 33/4, 33/5 of Brahampur village. Hazrath Khaja Bande Nawaz, Gesudaraz.

Bengaluru urban district

•Survey no. 18: 2.30 acres of land belonging to the Hazrath Ataulla Shah Dargah at Annepura Village (near Lal Bagh, Bengaluru).

• Property no. 10: Sardar Patrappa Road, belonging to Hazrath Nawab Ibrahim Ali Shah Shattari Zindavalli, Kumbarpet extension.

• Property nos. 22-23 of Puliar Koil Street, 15 and 17 of Makkan Road, totalling approximately 7,329 sq ft and belonging to the Kulsum Bi trust.

• Survey nos 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, and 13 of Vadepura village, totalling 239.38 acres, of which three portions of 3.01, 2.30 and 4.14 acres have been sold as per the gazette notification, belonging to Musafir Khana (Chatram) Sunni, Yelahanka.

• Survey no. 28: 2.10 and 0.38 acres belonging to Dargah Hazrath Ataullah and Nabi Shah-Bada Makan respectively, in Mavalli.

• Survey no. 55: Of the total extent of 602.29 acres of land belonging to the Hazrath Manik Shah Dargah in Bilehalli village, Cubbonpet (Avenue Road), 122.20 acres have been granted to 50 persons, with the remaining land being disposed of illegally.

• Survey no 71/2, 3 acres, and survey no 71/2(A), 12 guntas, at Adugodi and belonging to Wakf institutions.

• Survey no. 1: 6.04 acres belonging to the Hazrath Ataullah Shah Nabi Shah Dargah, Bada Makan, in Aneepura village.

• Serial no. 189 and 259: 20,000 sq ft of the Muslim graveyard and Naubahar Shah Makan on Armstrong Road, Bengaluru.

• Survey nos. 32/1, 34, 35, 37, 38, 39, 41, 42: An extent of 20.03 acres at Yeshwantpur, belonging to the Mohammed Sheriff Educational Trust.

Bengaluru Rural

• Survey no. 22: 3.16 acres belonging to Mushtak Shah Makan in Nelamangala.

Koppal district

• Survey nos. 10/1, 10/2 and 10/3: 2.09 acres belonging to Berooni Abadi Masjid in Gangavathi.

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